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 plesae help me........

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plesae help me........ Empty
PostSubject: plesae help me........   plesae help me........ EmptyTue Oct 01, 2013 5:19 am

i recently came across a comment that when we push a rubber ball into water filled  in a bucket,water level rises because of force applied by our hand (ie more force we apply , the more water rises) .but i do belive its absurd, water rise occur as a function of volume {of our hand} ..

if water level rose with force applied , that would mean if i moved my fingers in water , giving force to the body ,without changing the immersed hand volume , then a water rise would occur......isnt that creation of water from water...................

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plesae help me........ Empty
PostSubject: Re: plesae help me........   plesae help me........ EmptyThu Feb 20, 2014 2:57 pm

no water levels would rise(in this situation) mainly due to water displacement. if the mass of the ball that ur pushing down is not changing or infinite that means at some point water displacement(for that ball of M mass) will hit its limit(as far as making the water rise higher and higher) at that point no matter how far the ball is pushed down the water displacement value will eventually stop at a certain amount of inches or centimeters above the original water-line. But a very important factor to think of is not only the added weight of ur hand but the added weight of you forearm, not to mention the particular amount of force your applying at that time and in what frame of reference are u actually observing or talking about? becuz if u suddenly just punch into the water as hard as u can into that ball, the water level would rise significantly (in that instant of time) but the water would then immediately return to a lower state of energy, so if u could be a little more concise, i will surely have an answer for u my friend!
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plesae help me........
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