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 New source of renewable energy

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PostSubject: New source of renewable energy   New source of renewable energy EmptySun Nov 24, 2013 5:21 am

Every object hanging on a string (like the simple pendulum) will rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise according to the place where it is ,the force which makes this rotation appears in foucault's pendulum , and the force is proportional to the mass of the object, we can benefit from this force by a device I call (mechanical cell) , in which a 4 kilogram mass hanging can lift 1 cc of water to 10 cm height, if we use thousands of such device we can make flood of water to generate electricity.
so why any hanging object rotates around its vertical axis ?
the planet earth rotates around its axis because it rotates around the sun, the satellite rotates around itself because it rotates around the earth , and the same for the moon and the planets and any object on the surface of the earth rotates with the planet earth around its axis , we are not moving in a straight a hanging object will rotate due to the rotation of the earth round its axis.

on youtube is a video for my experiment in the name : discovery , new source of renewable energy.
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PostSubject: your argument is sound   New source of renewable energy EmptyMon Feb 17, 2014 2:21 pm

That is very interesting my friend but that sounds strangely similar to our dams here on earth, in particular, the Hoover Dam, which uses turbine energy which is obviously assisted by the shear force of the Mother Nature and her water. The similarities are screaming at me. For one, the whole idea of water making electricity automatically gives u this shimmering thought of our dams, but then lets think about the shear force of water being used to assist man made machines that ultimately end up producing electricity. Becuz ur idea is obviously using the shear force of water to assist the 4 kilogram mass which was man-made. So to be honest i don't think your idea is a bad one, it just has small infallibility's which cant be ignored, but what i think it comes down to is actual costs buddy. Not only costs of production but work force and all the people hours that are not only need for supervision, but for something else we all know as maintenance; not cheap! We also gotta look at just how much energy we're actually generating here. Cuz if its minimal, and thus, the costs outweigh the production of energy, then this whole idea goes entirely out the window!See, now you never said how much energy u could draw from the lifting of 1cc of water to 10c of height vs. a 4 kilogram pay load. Becuz if the amount of energy is far past substantial THEN MY ARGUMENT GOES OUT THE WINDOW! HA!
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New source of renewable energy
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