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 Dimensional physics and the diff between relativity and string theory

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Dimensional physics and the diff between relativity and string theory Empty
PostSubject: Dimensional physics and the diff between relativity and string theory   Dimensional physics and the diff between relativity and string theory EmptyTue Jan 28, 2014 3:39 pm

On the topic of dimensional physics one must bring to light the difference between einsteins relativity and string theory in relation to dimensional physics. Ok so, einstein's general relativity gives way to 4-dimensions, that being our normal three dimensions, with an additional dimension of time which is usually noted as x-sub 0 or not(0), where x-sub 1 is equal to the x-dimension of space or width, x-sub 2 is equal to the y-dimension of space or length, and x-sub3 is equal to width and/or zed or z-dimension which one could call it.

 Now lets look at string theory. So string theory differs from einstein's view in the sense that string theory or m-theory is composed of 11-dimensions. And although the theory of relativity's predictions are very accurate, we are told by several PHd's and/or Doctorates that string theory or m-theory is a more accurate of view of the entire world we live in; for this theory seeks to explain, and be a "theory of everything" wheres einsteins view is much heavily based on gravity and the curvature of space as well as mass and energy.

It sucks, because I'm such an einstein lover, but one is forced to actually believe this statement! Not only because several PHd's are telling me to do so, but because it is very true that m-theory, although a theory, gives us a much more accurate picture of the ENTIRE universe versus gravity, and/or mass, and/or energy; which the latter are thee components, very necessary components, but components none-the-less of the universe as well as relativity, versus a complete theory, m-theory and its equations which so accurately describe the ENTIRE universe; It's(m-theory) much more multi-faceted than its predecessor (string-theory), which was einsteins theory of general relativity. actually, in the developing stages of string theory they actually started with four dimensions but ultimately that number grew to eleven dimensions in order for the equations to work.
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Dimensional physics and the diff between relativity and string theory
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