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 Stellar Theory, what is wrong with this?

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Stellar Theory, what is wrong with this? Empty
PostSubject: Stellar Theory, what is wrong with this?   Stellar Theory, what is wrong with this? EmptyWed Sep 17, 2014 9:06 pm



The universe is strange and unusual. As most of us look to the stars we see ourselves looking more to the quantum levels of those beams of photons from distant lands. Thus far many trials and other competitions of minds have tackled the concepts of particle entanglement, gravitational curving in the space time field. Many more have made land mark discoveries (Professor Hawking) that have laid the groundwork for a future golden age of travel to those distant lights. In this aspect I wish to discuss findings and possible new insights or at least perspectives as to how such things may be possible even in our lifetime. To this intent let us deconstruct the concepts.
The first aspect to be deconstructed is the concepts of gravity. While it is widely known that matter/mass especially in dense or large quantities has the ability to curve space we do not know exactly how that happens. Even examination and experiments done at many universities tend to leave more questions then answers (as with all scientific study) that do not adequately answer the question. In most regards it is at least one of the holy grails of science. To be able to deconstruct the how’s of the curve and then replicate it would be considered an achievement reckoning back to the splitting of the atom. With some new ways of thinking it is my hope that some suggestions for new concepts are revealed.
Second is entanglement. How those in the quantum world have spent years using this strange phenomena without knowing its full truths is by far a statement of greatness. Yet no great thought or discovery was ever made by accepting the idea of not attempting new things. Some recent insights from the studies made into the field of gravitational analysis by myself has yielded a possible explanation that may point some in a new direction of exploration. At least that is my current hope.
Third we will look into black holes by applying the information provided by scientific principles and those introduced here. Of those topics in this section will be particle compaction, gravitational force versus matter intake, and possibilities for evidence that resolves understanding of universal origins based off of Professor Hawkins landmark discovery in this field. Following this is an exploration of Dark Matter and some postulations as to its origins and what may be contained within.
To that end I truly hope that this information will either help or at least amuse some people as I attempt to define something what has bewildered and intrigued scientists for years. As I am not a renowned man of that world I do not see any issue with my attempts to make these statements or postulations. As I said before, it is only a basic concept of observational data.






All matter is made up of potential energy (pf) and thanks to Einstein we know that this energy is not inactive but merely static. The thing about energy is whether in a battery or tucked neatly in the very matter of an atom it remains actively part of our universe. This concept is what the basis of the equation above means, gravity equals potential energy minus kinetic force. Using the earth and moon as our stellar bodies (as we have rough estimates of their mass and close to exact measurements needed to continue) we can continue on with how this equation relates to gravity. You see the earths total mass has enormous potential energy, 5.36755e+45 to be exact. It is this energy that causes space time to literally curve. How this is possible is to look down to the quantum level of earths reaction to the space around it. To do this a few new concepts have to be accepted as possible.

Particles while separately have reactive functions that vary dependent upon situational events will react predictably the more they are gathered into larger bodies. This is evident with the earth in that its stability over time is predictable baring random events of an unforeseen nature.
The fact that energy can only be transformed or converted into a new form be it a different type of energy or even matter. While some types of energy, potential or not, have no traceable method of detection it can be said that does not denounce its existence merely its ability to be measured.
The denser an object or the greater its mass the more affect this object has on the curve of space time. The only consistent factor in all cases is that all mass has potential energy.

Having set down the groundwork lets move on. PE is simply put energy that exists constantly whether it is stored in matter or released by degradation or other means. As PE always exists its effect on space time is a warping affect. Lets try a thought experiment to better describe PE and its effect on space time. Imagine an ocean without surface or seafloor. Now imagine you are able to see sections of this ocean as it flows around. The ocean being space time, it allows us to wrap our brains around this concept in greater detail. As you see the water we apply an orb to the ocean waters. The orb is made up of potential energy and lots of it. Once in the water it instantly freezes a section of the ocean trapping anything that is within its effect freezing radius. Except that this is a type of ice that has varying density which allows new objects to easily slip past its shell as if it wasn’t there but once in it freeze locks you into a zone or drags you down to the orb.
The water around the ice is cold and will cause effective changes far past its field of freezing influence. Much like earths own curving of space affects the moon and other stellar bodies the orb of ice has a size limitation. The farther you get out from it the easier it is to move within that sphere. So know that you have a mental concept of how potential energy curves space let us go into KF or kinetic force. To understand why this is an additive of the equation all you have to do is understand the basic laws of motion. Tie a ball to a string. Swing this ball on the string over your head and as the string becomes tight release your grip. The ball will go sailing off away from you not towards you. The reason for this is kinetic force. This same force is evident in all stellar bodies. However gravity or the curving of space time prevents the moon from breaking the string to earth. To get a proper result of the potential energy necessary to recreate earth like gravity we need to remove the kinetic force of the moon.  
Finally we tackle the last part of the equation (xPE-xPE) would this not cancel themselves out. Yes and no because while they have the ability to be the same it is astronomically improbable that they will be. The first xPE refers to earths PE which is 5.36755e+45 roughly then you have the moons PE 6.60585e+41 represented as -xPE. The reason for this is so you are effectively removing the moons own potential energy and thereby its gravity from the problem. This gives you a more accurate number when the equation is finalized. As the moons own PE can also bend space time why does it not have as much an effect on us? For your answer look up tidal waves and their source. What you have to understand here is that the moons potential energy affects the equation so long as its present. This is due to what I call Particle Duality.
Particle Duality is as simple as it is complex. First remember that Potential Energy always exists. However there is something else that must be understood. Because of the PE that is within all particles that allows for a dual existence. At any point in time the PE is both stored in the particle ready for release as well as being literally part of the space time field. Let us go back to the ocean thought experiment. The potential energy is water as much as it is ice. Because it can exist in both states simultaneously it can affect both simultaneously. Even as the ice is frozen it still has water flowing through it. It still is part of the ocean only it is merely in a different state. This particle duality will be explained further in the next section.
Once you remove the moons PE from the equation the final answer for the earths gravitational force is 285.681199431 approximately. In other words if you wished to generate earths gravity field in a confined space or say in front of a space ship to pull it forward you would have to create a potential energy field with a minimum ratio of 285.681199431 PE to every 1 PE encountered. The various applications of this could be endless given the right minds to generate around it. Here are a few of the ones I have thought of that could be practical. Removal of debris from collapsed buildings by negating the gravity in that zone or lowering it down to a weight where one man could easily lift something ten times his size. Artificial gravity that allows for colonization of the other worlds in our solar system. Mining using gravity to lift dirt and materials away from the site rather then destructive explosions. Repelling possible near earth impacts by creating a false gravity wake to sling the object away from us. However let us move on to the next section.




As spoken about above in a brief paragraph defining the basic ideas of this for further understanding of the principles of Potential Energy, Particle Duality deserves its own section if not its own book. As most physics professors are aware of the world of the quantum realm has some distinct strangeness about it that often can defy description. One such matter came to light during Einstein’s tenure that baffled the scientists of the time and still does today. It basically is the law of Quantum Entanglement. As Einstein took time to point out that it would be impossible for two particles to communicate instantly over vast distances no one person could argue with him. However this didn’t stop them from showing him that this was exactly what was happening to these two particles that were under the law of Quantum Entanglement. So let us first go over some suggestions covering particle behavior.

Interaction: Indirect/Direct interaction with an external event (ie the indirect/direct interaction or effect on a particle) will result in similar events given all factors of that interaction are similar. The rule performs on a simple principle. Every time fire meets paper the paper will burn. Like the paper and fire a predictable event can occur when two similar interactions occur to similar particles will be similar despite distance.
No Similarities: Like the world and the universe not being made of just paper and fire there are similar reactions in particles in a controlled setting like a lab. In an uncontrolled environment where indirect/direct interaction is not only a probability but a consistency that is always present. As of modern times scientists can not monitor every reaction and action that occurs and therefore missing variables are always present during any natural observation. Therefore in particle interaction it is these missing variables that tend to point to larger force at work.
Change at Discretion: As there is always an indirect force on all particles and a reactive force for this indirect force the behavior of a particle (observed or not) is at the discretion of the reaction from the indirect force. Using the paper example a paper will burn when exposed to fire. How well it burns and how much will depend on the paper itself.

Now lets go back to section one. In that section it was stated that due to Particle Duality Potential Energy existed as part of space time as well as part of the mass that it was stored in. Now here is where it gets a little complicated. In Quantum Entanglement two particles that are experiencing this effect can be separated by light years yet should something happen to one particle the other particle light years away will mirror that change. To this day no exact reason has been determined for how this is possible because it happens instantaneously. Has the laws of physics gone out the window to magic? No. In fact because of particle duality a particle that exists as part of the space time field and part of mass has one simple property not yet revealed. This property is that as a part of space time it is literally everywhere at once.
The space time field per Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is everywhere and every time all at once. As such Particle Duality allows for a particle to be part of matter but its potential energy locked inside each section of it connects it to space time as if it was part of it. This makes the particle able to be everywhere at once while still maintaining a stable position. So if this is true why doesn’t our planet or stars exhibit this same principle? Simple the larger the object the more stable it becomes. As with Earth there are so many particles that the Potential Energy within each of its atoms is so great it has created a direct affect on space time bonding it into place.
While the potentials for this are endless I intend to discuss that in a second edition of the Stellar Theory.  A few worth noting are as follows: interstellar exploration using entangled particle bundles launched from orbit at near light speed that relay their reactions to gravitational and other forces back to their fellow entangled particles monitored in a lab. Interstellar travel could eventually be possible if you could manipulate the shifting of Potential Energy to force it to become entangled with other particles in another star system allowing for instant travel to that location (probably a long way off so do not buy a ticket yet).




In the last section of the Stellar Theory I explained the process of Particle Duality that allowed for two entangled particles to communicate over vast distances instantly. This is due in part to Potential Energy. As stated before it must be accepted that energy always exists in one form or another. Potential Energy is part of the space time field on a quantum level. So how is it that a planet does not appear in two places at once? This is because of what I have termed Particle Anchoring.
As an example lets reference the double slit experiment. In this experiment it clearly shows an electron moving through two places at once. This is because it is a singular particle. At the quantum level particles individually are affected by the ebbs and flows of the space time field. They can burst instantly from one spot to the next or be in two places at once due to indirect/direct interactions with the space time field and other quantum level systems. As we have seen in the double slit however when a particle is observed the mere act of observation causes its behavior to change. One now understandable reason for this lays in Particle Anchoring.
When matter begins to form into larger and larger particle groups these groups own make up starts to prevent space time from affecting their behavior. In the first section I used an ocean example to explain the effects of Potential Energy. For a bit lets perform that same thought experiment again. Once you see the ocean imagine that different flecks of particles are floating in it. The oceans forces are so vast that the particles have no choice but to follow these currents and go where the ocean wants them to be. Now as more and more particles collect together the currents have a more difficult time pushing these particles around.  This is because the groupings are creating an anchor affect just by being gathered together. This anchoring grows as the particles merge to form larger and larger groups. Eventually the ocean now is affected by the mass rather then the mass being affected by the ocean.
Back to the double slit. When we observe something even on a quantum level it requires the introduction of particles, energy, and often photons. In doing so we are creating a quantum anchor allowing the electron to affect space time rather then space time affecting it. In this manner particles that are observed are also being anchored by the act itself thereby causing its predictable behaviors to come into play. So once the particles have been flooded by another source or grouping of particles either from a light or radiation spectrum used to see it the behavior will become appropriate to that direct interaction.
On a planetary scale the result of Particle Anchoring is gravity wells. As planets and stars are affected by this anchoring their effects can be easily predictable to a certain extent. Such as the moons orbit. While it orbits earth its an elliptical orbit due to earths own anchoring field being distorted by the suns and the other planets in our solar system. Particles that can flow by these anchors do so because they are not as dense and therefore do not have the resulting affect on space time. Rather it is space time that affects them.
So what can this do in a grander wider view in terms of use. In the last part of section one of Stellar Theory I proposed some of these various ideas that could be used to alter the very nature of our discovery of the universe. Understanding how some particles can affect another by increasing or decreasing a Particle Anchor would let us know just what types of materials could be found past our own solar system. Using a particle bundle that has an entangled twin on earth we could accelerate it to near light speeds then launch it into deep space. As this particle bundle travels different sets of particles within it will begin to react to different stimuli. A massive stellar anchor from a black hole could cause one or two entangled electrons to wink out. Neutrons or protons could translate alterations in spin caused by different radiation types that might be in our neighborhood of the stellar nursery.
Quantum Anchoring however is different then Stellar Anchoring in many ways. Quantum anchors do not result in overall affects to other stellar bodies. Rather they are only affecting their own state within the space time field. A Stellar Anchor caused by a planet warps space time around it like an island in the ocean. The oceans currents would be altered should you plop a new island down say off the coast of Florida. Yet the biggest of the Stellar Anchors would be galactic clusters whose combined mass creates such an affect that it is similar to a ball rolling down a hill. In terms of space time being the hill and the galactic clusters being the ball. Space time will have little to any affect on the large bundle but it will affect the clusters over all because it still affects the individual parts of the whole.
A prime example of a particle that can fly through space time as if the ocean was barely there is the elusive Neutrino. This particles Potential Energy is so low that the effect of Space Time fields on it is almost non-existent. However it still has a connection with space time allowing for it to perform seemingly magical feats of science without breaking a sweat. If it were possible to lower down a ships connection to space time, like a hydro foil on an ocean, it would zoom through the space time without making much of a ripple. In point of fact Einstein’s principle against faster then light travel would not be broken but circumvented. As you accelerate the space time field increases its hold. The faster you go the more drag you achieve. Eventually you reach a point where the thrust cannot overcome the mass created by this drag. By lessoning the contact with the Space Time field you lower the drag caused by your increase in speed. What would be the best thing to this with has yet to be invented. However there is one visionary that saw something like this. By creating a starship named Enterprise Gene Roddenberry made is use a warp field that separated the ship from Space time.  Maybe with further understanding of particles and the rest of our universe we can someday boldly go where no one has gone before.





From the points made in the first and second portions of Stellar Theory we have seen how space time and Potential Energy (pe for short) are linked. This still does not explain certain stellar phenomenon. The largest being a black hole. These massive gravity wells seem to have captivated both scientist, science fiction, and the world as a whole since their discovery. From this dipping point of cosmic density a black hole has held captive the very foundation of Astrophysics as to its secrets. Using the fundamentals of Stellar Theory some of those mysteries come to a better clarity. Let us first begin with some ground rules for our topic of discussion.

Law of compacting: Black Holes are created by the explosive collapse of a star. As its density and mass become so dense it creates a spot in space time that is virtually inescapable. When this happens it reaches a point of Compacting Density. The gravity is so great that the more matter is brought into it the mass though increases will not increase in size due to the increase in gravity. I.E. the mass inclusion will increase the gravity causing static mass within the black hole to perform an equivalent compaction. This allows Black holes to gain strength in gravitational pull without ever gaining in size. The basis for this is as the mass is added so too is Potential Energy. As shown in both Part 1 & 2 of Stellar Theory the greater the Potential energy the greater the effective interaction with Space time. In this regard to our ocean analogy the sun would be a continent floating in space time… the black hole would be a moon. Except a moon that would grow to a Plutoid then to an earth sized planet etc continuing on till it encompassed the ocean.
Sphere of Influence not a plate: When we examine suspected black holes with our telescopes what we see is nothing rather it is what we hear. Based off of that we have created the idea of a disc of matter swirling around a giant black hole. This is both misleading and two dimensional. Gravity, like space time, forms four dimensional planes. The first three being the fundamental dimensions we experience every day. The second being the dimensional plane of space time. This applies to the gravity field of a black hole. It may not be a perfect sphere but it is not a flat disc either. The visual representation shown to most viewers of science fiction is often their because it provides a concept of its functionality.
Anchor Pulling: As mentioned in Part Two involving Particle Anchoring the greater your potential energy the greater your ability to affect the space time fabric. As your particle density breaches the tipping point your now affecting space time rather then it affecting you. When it comes to Black Holes they are on a different plane all together. Not only are they able to anchor themselves so securely to space time as to create a fixed point but they are also able to pull space time with them. Going back into the ocean analogy consider this point, as PE continues to build in the ocean currents form trapping material within it. In the case of a black hole the effect one would see in the ocean is a monumentally large whirl pool that is sucking up the ocean as well as the particles floating in it.
Quantum Threshold: This is the point where gravity exceeds the ability of mass on a quantum level to retain its structure forcing it to compact. As more mass is introduced to a black hole the size remains static because the threshold is also static. When more matter is added the pressure from the gravitational effect causes it to become compacted. This compacted matter then equalizes. The force of the compaction being equivalent to the mass being introduced with the Matter Threshold always being constant.
Potential Energy Compaction: As two particles are compacted into one their potential energy is fused into that one particle. The greater the level of compaction the greater the Potential energy contained within each particle.

How does this apply to the Big Bang? We need to first start with the facts and work on information gathered since that point. The known and current belief from evidence garnered by Astrophysics is that two incredibly dense particles struck each other unleashing the monumental volumes of matter that we now see strewn through out the sky. This massive connection caused a backlash that pushed out the volume of matter into space which in turn formed into galaxies etc etc. Now using Stellar Theory we can understand not just how it happened but why it happened. To see the past however we must first look to the present and the future.
Black holes form because incredible mass forces Compacting which creates incredibly small but dense points whose gravitational pull sucks in all mass. This creates even greater mass which causes further compacting of the initial mass of the black hole. What we then see is that these black holes send out waves of radiation that we are able to receive picked up by satellite dishes here on earth. Now this process is happening everywhere. From one galaxy to another stellar bodies are reaching their zenith of life and collapsing into dark pitches of black that suck up everything like the stellar vacuums of space. Now that we have the present covered it is time to look forward into the future. As more and more black holes appear eventually we will be able to see stellar sights of extraordinary magnitude as two black holes do something beyond comprehension, they merge.
Following the law of No Similarities from part one of Stellar Theory (that no to instances in stellar phenomenon can be repeated due to the number of factors causing direct and indirect interactions both on a quantum and stellar level. Since no to reactions can be the same one black hole would have greater pull then the other, black hole A being the larger with a having the smaller compacted mass. As the two reach each other the Law of Quantum Threshold takes over. The result is one of two possibilities. The first is no less spectacular then the second but rather less exciting over time. When the two reach each other the massive tidal forces of gravity crash the two incredibly dense objects into each other with energetic forces beyond scope (and quite possibly calculation though those numbers would be fantastic). The result is these two dense objects striking each other explode releasing their matter over massive swaths of space. This recycling of stellar bodies would be a release of energy so great it would likely outshine a galaxy by several fold.
The second prospect of two black holes merging holds even deeper revelations. As the two merge the smaller is consumed by the larger its mass (following the rules of Quantum Threshold and Compaction) would result in a larger black hole. With the combined strength of the two that had previously merged. Taking this process further and eventually we end up with Mega Singularities. As more and more of our universe is consumed and these Mega Singularities merge another greater understanding comes to light. That our universe will eventually be made up of one or two Mega Singularities zooming towards each other drawn by gravity. If this is so then should not our universe end in a whimper, not so. Remember the law of Quantum Threshold. Should enough mass exceed this threshold and be unable to become compacted it would result in an explosion that would relinquish its hold. Massive amounts of matter like in the first possible outcome would become… a new universe.
So what would it take to reach this threshold that would restart our universe in another big bang? For the answer for the future we must now look to the past. It has already happened once (if not hundreds upon thousands of times upon infinity). The evidence shows that at some point we reach a tipping point in the threshold where the mass can no longer be compacted further and then explodes outwards. Thus we have one of the largest questions of our universe solved, bang or whimper? Its going out with a bang one way or another. So where does that leave us in the grander scheme of the universe and what does that mean for our further understanding of how these prospects unite? Lets go through this step by step.
First we find that not only has our universe recycled itself over and over but that it will again to fully comprehend this let us start at the beginning, or ending depending on your point of view. Either by a collision of incredible magnitude or by the Quantum Threshold exceeding its limit’s the matter of the universe explodes back into Space Time. This explosion sends the compacted particles forth into space forming large masses of particles to spread out. With all explosions however some of the original material remains however. With our Cosmic Singularity this is by no means exclusive. Particles no bigger then a proton or neutron remain from the larger mass. Due to the explosion they are catapulted away from the once Cosmic Singularity. However due to their density they also have incredible gravity wells. Latching onto matter as they go the mass of particles becomes trapped within these gravity currents generated by these bits of debris that have been expelled outward from the big bang.
As and observer we look out and see the dust swirling around this formation as larger and larger particles begin to group together. First atoms then molecules and further and further till finally a brilliant light bursts forth as the first star explodes into being when its mass coalesces into the right size. What we just witnessed was the creation of galaxies. Scientists have long since felt that Mega Singularities lay at the center of each of our galactic cores. If this is true how is it possible that we are not sucked in yet? The answer is relatively simple Gr=PE-Kf. The mass within the galaxy is creating enough kinetic force to keep the PE of that same matter from being swallowed up by the same forces that hold it together. Like a giant tether ball on a galactic string the mass of the galaxy is held on the threshold just beyond the tipping point of being sucked in. This balance is not infinite though. As time goes by the center of each galactic core continues to absorb more matter. As this happens its strength grows. This increase serves a dual purpose in that the Mega Singularity will slowly (over trillions of years) consume each galaxy. The second is that it also tells us the possible density of objects closer to galactic center. Like the objects in our solar system their density tells us their location. This is why gas giants exist further away from the sun. Should Jupiter reach our orbit the gas that makes up this behemoth would be siphoned off by the suns gravity.  To this point the galaxy is the same way. Each stage inward must maintain stability between its mass to its kinetic force exerted by its orbit. If the tether balls mass was to great it would snap the line if it was to small it would simply fall into the hand when pulled.
So why do galaxies look like giant discs? After all shouldn’t Mega Singularities function like their smaller brethren? The facts are already stated to this but it’s a good question which needs to be addressed. As said before directly above mass will find its threshold point. This point is where its kinetic force is equivalent to the force by which it is being pulled on by gravity. Since the black holes gravity is (for sake of this argument) a spherical effect that pulls in all directions this means that the mass of each section will stabilize to the positions in a three dimensional context that best suits its density. Thus the sections of the galaxy with mass that has the ability to generate measurable light will be in a particular bandwidth. Thus we will not see the mass that is above and below this bandwidth of gravitational force. This mass of particulates have their own stellar name that has also brought joy and curiosity to science, Dark Matter.
Now we have galaxies forming covered let’s go back to the stages of the universe. The second stage is expansion of course. In all explosions things blast outwards in a manner that is rather universal. You have the mass involved the propellant power of the explosions and the speed upon which this propellant expels that mass from the central explosion point. Science has already determined that our universe is expanding at an exponential rate. What seems to surprise me is the point where they find that they are seeing this explosion accelerating not decelerating.  The argument goes something like this. At some point the propellant force from the explosion of the big bang will lesson enough to become visible to scientific analysis. So far this has not been found if anything the universe is accelerating.  While many explanations of this have been given as to why none have fully explained this.
There are few people on this planet that have not seen an explosion when played at slow motion. For the inexperienced in the filming terminology this is done with a high speed camera. Yes they make slow motion with high speed… the irony is not lost. How it works is that a camera takes billions of images incredibly fast. These images are then slowed down as they are played out to the viewer. This makes the fast explosions behavior viewable to those who witness it. This relates to the argument of our speed problem in a simple manner. We have the wrong time stamp on our slow motion camera. Basically what we believe is the near end of the explosive results of the big bang is actually false. In truth our universe is still in the early stages of that explosive result.
The explosion analogy with the high speed camera leads to the perfect analogy of our universes life. In multiple shows of explosions we see explosions occur only to have them form back into the pre-explosive state, when the film makers rewind the high speed film, then explode again as he film is played back. In its own way our universe is a giant version of this. It explodes out then swallows back into its pre-explosive state then explodes out again. Each time the image may be different but the origin and end remain the same. This being assumed to be factual leads us to another conclusion of greater proportions. If this is the natural process then something not absorbed by the cosmic singularity would remain to bear witness to the beginning of a new universe. In this manner properly prepared whatever life exists capable of separating itself from gravity fields could avoid the end of our universe and began anew as another one takes its place. Such a spectacular event would be beyond comprehension. As such a being would be also able to alter the very particles that form. Start life where there wasn’t any. Seed planets or choose one for itself. The possibilities are endless.




In our universe we have a significant missing link in the understanding of how it expands and those forces causing its expansion. For this understanding we can look back to the previous parts of Stellar Theory. First let us fully understand what it is that Dark Matter (dm) or Dark Energy (de) is supposed to be doing and work back from the facts. First let us set up some guidelines slash known understandings made up to this point concerning this.

Big Bang Debris: As stated before debris made up from the initial condensed mass that exploded from the big bang formed the cores of our galaxies. This is because their mass is so dense that they formed their own Mega Black Holes. This however does not account for all of this mass we should see in our universe. The one resulting factor is that particles remain which did not have galactic matter collected. If they did then they absorbed it. Either way these super dense particles from the big bang are now a contingent part of our universe.
Potential Energy Thresholds: As discussed in previous parts of the Stellar theory we have seen that all mass contains a fundamental portion of energy (e=mc2) known as Potential Energy.  All mass has a threshold which determines how much energy they can hold. If this energy level reaches past the threshold (each is different depending on the particle/mass) the energy is released or compacted into the mass. When a star reaches the end of its life the PE follows this law.

It is the beginning of the universe. We see the explosion of mass and energy as the universe erupts into existence. Now using the minds eye make this an explosion that sends out tons of debris in all directions. The galaxies we have seen in our night sky have barely begun to form. The Spacetime field is massively contorted by the explosion has swaths of debris no bigger then a quarter collect up the massive gas clouds to form those zones we would call galaxies. But what of those compacted particles to small to collect these clouds.
Some will collect their own little clouds but due to the immense gravity that they generate they will merely swallow it up adding the material to their own. These incredibly dense particles scatter throughout the space time field. How does this apply to our universe and dark matter/energy? Lets break this process down further. First  we know that all particles have a polarity. This polarity is either positive, negative, or neutral. On a cosmic scale lets make a hypothesis about what this would do for a compacted particle that has the size of a grand of sand but the density of earth.
If the Potential Energy contained within mass maintained a basic quantum polarity predetermined by the mass itself the these polarities would then have an observable effect that would register in some way either visually or through other means of detection. Now we have to lay out the known’s that have been supposed as being true thus far.

The mass that exploded in the Big Bang was compacted. This means that as the new mass becomes compacted it breaks down to its component parts. These quantum particles would likely become broken down smaller and smaller much like crushing a stone into dust but keeping the dust in one spot. What made the stone is now converted to its base properties. As it is no longer stone it takes up rules that govern those properties of dust. In the compacted mass of the Big Bang all the mass would become uniform in polarity as an opposing charge would either force particle dismemberment making compaction easier or it would explode releasing its Potential energy against the opposing force.
Any material that remained from this mass after the Big Bang would be all of the same polarity.
New material created from this explosion would be transformed.
Modern Gravitational readings used by science are able to fill in the blanks where mass though undetectable to our modern means should exist.
A gravitational force strong enough could bend light. This cosmic lensing effect is how we determine currently where dark matter is as light from distant galaxies and stars is bent around its gravitational field.

Now that we have the known’s we can make some propositions based off of these known’s. What we have been lacking is the ability to see these dark matter masses in space. Is it possible that a gravity well from compacted matter extend out further then previously expected. When we take Gr=PE-KF into account for the amount of gravity we see and the effective area something astronomical enlightens the dark matter. The Compacted Matter (or CM for short) of the big bang that was flung into space has such an extreme density that comparing it to a neutron star (on of the densest stellar bodies known not to create black holes) would be similar to comparing a brick to a baseball. Therefore their potential energy stored within far exceeds the size they are.
In this regard the CM would have a gravity effect on space-time that extended farther out then likely any known observable gravitational object, even black holes. Black holes are merely in their infancy of particle compaction when it comes to the monumental depth of these CM debris from the Big Bang. Something even greater is shown in the missing spaces of gravity however. The debris are like a stop motion photograph of the Big Bang Explosion caught on film. By tracking the coordinates of these zones we see the greatest event in our universes history unfold before our eyes.
Because the Big Bangs explosive force was so titanic we find it hard as humans to understand what that would have looked like. With CM gravity fields we now see that not only are these showing us the last stages of this explosion, it is also showing us that we are still experiencing the Big Bangs effect.  This is not to say we have gotten the age of the universe wrong. We have only underestimated the sheer magnitude and force by which the Big Bang occurred. As our universe expands the CM called Dark matter with its almost infinite Potential Energy caused by the particle compaction is still feeling the shove of kinetic force from that last big explosion. Due to its massive gravity fields these CM debris assist in that kinetic force by making large mega currents in space-time that our own galaxies follow.
A postulation to be considered is that galaxies that have been close to these CM debris will show signs of being scattered about like wind on a sand painting. That we will see where it is that the big bang started by mapping out the trajectory of this CM web. Even still we may some day use these CM webs of Debris like a sailor uses the wind and ocean currents to traverse the ebbs and flows of space-time within our universe. The universe not the sky is the limit and in that regard we have not even picked a foot off of the ground.
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