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 what is relativity? dare i ask again...

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what is relativity? dare i ask again... Empty
PostSubject: what is relativity? dare i ask again...   what is relativity? dare i ask again... EmptySun Jan 26, 2014 4:24 pm

In terms of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, it explains the relationship between the curvature of space-time and how it equates to the relationship between mass and energy, which is ultimately the basis of Einstein's "super" equation. Now lets keep in mind, that I call it "super" because this thought came from one single, yet complicated man who we know very well as our beloved Einstein.

Unlike most theories that start in one's physicist lab then somehow journeys to every lab thereof, this idea that Einstein stumbled upon, which at the time would have been viewed as a modest thought experiment but would morph into one of the greatest, yet most complicated theory of the 20th century that would later be tested, as well as approved. So one might now ask himself or herself, "so how did this modest thought yet complicated theory manifest itself?" Well interesting you should ask!

(Pre-Theory Of Special Relativity) Mr. Albert was sitting on a train in Germany on his way home, from his job at the local patent office, when he looked up at a clock tower and realized that, at the very fundamental level, time was very personal versus the idea that time was universal, which was the universally excepted idea at the time; let's keep in mind that previous to Einstein (I only mean previous to Einstein, meaning after Newton, for there were several awesome philosophers who seriously entertained the notion of time, and how and why it does or doesn't exist) there was only one other great thinker that seriously explored the idea of time at the fundamental level was Sir Isaac Newton who believed that time went interrupted. Much like a metronome, Isaac Newton believed that the heartbeat of time kept going no matter what was going on in the universe. This is what a young patent clerk without a resume to match his ambition, was against.

Of course we now know fro recent discoveries in theoretical physics as well as quantum physics that newton was abosolutely wrong. But lets jump back to the 20th century where we weren't quite too sure what time really was. Lets set the stage: a patent clerk, with no college education, versus a proven Profit since humans have manifested this "pale blue dot - Carl Sagan" we call Earth. Ok I have to stop here because we must keep in mind that Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is what initially was birthed from that observation while on his way home, which then gave birth to his idea of more general equations for his initial idea, that being the Theory of Special Relativity.

Our guy einstein produced his Theory of Special Relativity in 1905 anno domini and after a whole lot of work and sleepless nights, our guy produced his General Theory of Relativity in 1915; its the latter thats the topic of this discussion though, i will definitely adress the thteor of special relativity at another time, I just had to make sure to pay hommage to the initial idea(the theory of specaial relatibity) that was the foundation f what we are discussing now(the theory of general relativity).(SORRY RAN OUT OF TIE FOR EDITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0

ok back to topic; general relativity! so after developing the Theory of Special Relativity, Einstein was furious in trying to develop a general theory of his former special relativity. he did just this by first, having that experience on the bus, the discovering the relationship between the curvature of space-time and ass and energey which, let e reind you, that he first figured the relationship between ass and energy befre later discovering tht there was also a relatinship beween th curvature of space-time and mass annd energy. (sorry for the repititive nature but i just have ti ake sure that we're all on the same page!)

so yes, i will stop here and get into the ath of it once i know i got a pew people that find this as interesting i do!
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what is relativity? dare i ask again...
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